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Colorado Springs Chiropractors : Family Chiropractors

Our Mission Statement:

Exceptional Service, Extraordinary Healthcare, Life Without Limits!

Helping Colorado Springs Achieve Optimal Function

Our philosophy here at Colorado Health and Wellness is to remove interference from the nervous system so that the body can fully express itself and achieve optimal function.

Amazing Results for Patients

At CHW, the office’s main goal is to see amazing results as the patient begins their care under our doctors’ guidance then actually being able to witness an individual feel relieve, discard their over-the-counter drug and narcotics, while achieving a higher state of health all at the same time!

Friendly & Family Orientation

Our office is known for its friendliness and family orientation. We specialize in pregnancy/children’s and chiropractic care, allergen elimination, our state of the art Decompression tables, ultrasound tissue healing, alleviating headaches, applied kinesiology, and custom orthotics to name a few.

Nearly 20 Years of Experience

We have been serving the Colorado Springs region for nearly 20 years and are continuing to help our community with overall wellness and chiropractic care.

Colorado Health and Wellness Colorado Springs Chiropractor

1231 Lake Plaza Dr, Colorado Springs, CO
(719) 576-BACK (2225)  or (877) 360-8524 Toll Free